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Composite Roofing

3-Tab Roofs

3-Tab Shingles3-Tab shingles are the least expensive type of composite shingles. We install Owens Corning Supreme or Tamko Elite. Both offer a 25 year limited warranty and are wind resistant to 60 MPH wind.


Architectural Shingles

Owens-Corning Architectural ShinglesArchitectural or 30 year shingles are thicker than 3-Tab shingles making them more durable. They are wind resistant to 110/130 MPH wind and offer a limited lifetime warranty.


Premium Shingles

Owens-Corning Berkshire ShinglesThe premium shingles are thicker than architectural shingles and are deigned to look like slate or wood shake. Like architectural shingles, they are wind resistant to 110/140 MPH and carry a limited lifetime warranty.


Impact Resistant Shingles

OC WeatherGuard ShingleImpact Resistant Shingles are a class 4 shingle manufactured to withstand larger hail stones. Please note that there is not a “hail proof” shingle. Like the metal roofs that we install, Class 4 impact resistant shingles can provide significant discounts on your insurance premiums. Please consult your insurance company regarding these discounts.

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